Saturday, 7 April 2018

Another Anti-Police Kelly Myth exposed.

The Benalla Bootmakers Shop : still standing.
What idiot put the power pole in front of it?

Probably the thing I object to most about Kelly idolatry is that it encourages and supports disrespect and contempt for the police, because police hate was what motivated Ned Kellys entire lifestyle. The troll on his slag heap who promotes racist anti-British sentiment, islamophobia , misogyny and sickening right wing views of history also, of course, encourages police hate. However his latest move in that regard has met some opposition, which is good to see. 

They're arguing about the footage of that poor fellow being mobbed on his front lawn by half a dozen police. There were clearly faults on both sides - the man could have simply opened his door at the very beginning instead of yelling abuse at the Police and keeping them waiting outside. However, its clear he was mentally disturbed. I have no doubt the police had plenty of other work to get on with, and they probably know stuff about the guy that we don’t, but they clearly and very badly over-reacted once he came out, and the behaviour of some of them was a disgrace. But  do we know how many of those police have previously been injured trying to arrest a violent drugged out thug, or been spat on and scratched and bitten? There are definitely some cops who should be severely reprimanded, and I expect they will be. There are some people who just should NOT be cops - they're violent and they're bullies. Get rid of them. But most are not like that.

On the news, a police spokesman said there were thousands of interactions between police and the public every day, and he admitted there were also complaints every day about their behaviour but the number was a handful. I keep saying it but it’s worth repeating, that any institution with people in it will have problems, whether its political parties and Governments, Churches, schools, armies, multinational corporations or the local shops. Where is the one with an unblemished history?

So let’s not use these rare incidents of a few police acting badly, even very badly as an excuse to tar and feather the whole force, and lose sight of the fact that the vast majority of the difficult work they do for all of us is really good. The parallels with the Kelly story are too obvious : the Kelly apologists regard all police as corrupt and nasty because of a few bad eggs in the force in the 1860's and 70's. Not so much Fitzpatrick, who has been vilified and hated by the Kelly mob for doing his job, but Hall, also trying to do his job but with excessive violence. 

That arrest scene reminded me of the Kelly story where Ned Kelly was resisting arrest in Benalla, and fought violently with four police and the bootmaker trying to handcuff him. I looked it up : it happened in September 1877.  Unlike the guy in the CCTV footage who didn’t put up much of a fight, Ned Kelly fought wildly, and boasted in the Jerilderie Letter how “with one well directed blow I sent him (Fitzpatrick) sprawling” They didn’t have pepper spray but they had the Squirrel Grip.

To my great surprise I  noticed an important error in this narrative which hasn’t been identified before as far as I am aware. All the Kelly books up through to Ian Jones and Fitzsimons say that the trouble started when police decided to handcuff Ned Kelly as they walked him from the lock-up where had been kept overnight, to the Courthouse to face the Judge on a charge of being drunk and disorderly. They say that Ned Kelly objected to this, saying he would go quietly “but you won’t put the darbies on me without a fight” (Clune The Kelly Hunters p123)

In fact what Ned Kelly himself said was that ‘he escaped’ and THEN they tried to put the handcuffs on him:

On the following day, when I was taken out of the lock-up, and still dazed, I escaped, and was pursued by the police. I took refuge in a shoemaker’s shop, and four constables soon came in after me. They, assisted by the owner of the shop, tried to put the handcuffs on me, but failed. In the struggle that ensued my trousers were almost torn off me. Finding me a more difficult man to manage than they expected, Lonigan seized me in such a manner — a cruel, cowardly and disgusting manner — that he inflicted terrible pain on me ; but still I would not surrender. The act of Lonigan, which cannot be described, might have ruined me for life, if it did not actually kill me. While the struggle was still going on a miller came in, and, seeing how I was being ill-treated, said the police should be ashamed of themselves, and he endeavoured to pacify them and induce me to be handcuffed. I allowed this man to put the handcuffs on me, though I refused to submit to the police. It may seem strange, but it is as true as I am here that from that time up to the time of Lonigan’s death I suffered excruciating pain and inconvenience from his treatment; but from the day of his death until now I have been free from that pain and the ill-effects I before experienced.”(Interview with Ned Kelly)

So it appears the Kelly mythologists have once again created a version of history that’s not accurate, but serves its dual purpose of demonising the police and making a victim out of their hero Ned Kelly. The Kelly apologists narrative, invented I think by Max Brown, is that the police “through petty vindictiveness or actual fear” (Alex McDermott The Jerilderie Letter) tried to handcuff Ned before leaving the lockup. In fact, if we are to believe what Ned Kelly himself said, there was no 'petty vindictiveness' - Ned was given the opportunity to behave responsibly and just walk across the road with an escort but instead he decided to make a run for it. He was chased into the bootmakers shop where, quite reasonably, they decided he would have to be handcuffed, yet still, like a moron he continued to fight and struggle. To save face in the struggle he was never going to win he decided to allow the cuffs to be placed by the JP who walked in on the mayhem.

So, what are you going to believe? The narrative provided by Ned Kelly that he probably imagined showed him to be ‘flash’, trying to escape, fighting off police and kicking them around the room while they tried to handcuff him? Or are you going to stick with the made-up fairy story designed to fit the nonsense that Ned Kelly was a poor persecuted innocent victim of the mean police?

The truth of this episode is now out for the first time. It looks bad for Kelly.

It shows that on this occasion Ned Kelly behaved like a complete idiot, an immature show-off, though in 1877 he was 22 years old, and according to Ian Jones was soon planning a republic of north east Victoria- yeah right! Instead of being fined just one shilling for being drunk, his foolish behaviour cost him an extra 85 shillings (£4/5/0d) which no doubt he was easily able to afford because at that time he was a self confessed full time 'wholesale and retail' stock thief. As for the claim that his balls ached until he killed Lonigan : that’s got to be some weird psychological shit going on inside his head!


  1. Horrie and Alf8 April 2018 at 01:01

    Barrister Trevor Monti QC SC's name is being bandied about on the FB Hate Site, Ned Kelly Central, and elsewhere. It has to do with the boxer Ned's photo recently auctioned.

    He is a notable modern Kelly figure having been instructed by Wangaratta solicitor and Kelly buff John P Suta in 2011 "to obtain the release of Kelly’s remains to the family".

    But Monti's real claim to fame is his absurd assertion that Ned was a footballer during his imprisonment at Williamstown in 1873-4.

    Articles in the Herald-Sun and Sydney Morning Herald, among others, repeated his claims. The SMH said:

    THE VFA/VFL has uncovered many stars, but perhaps none greater than Ned Kelly. Williamstown confirmed that Kelly played half a season with it back in 1873. Seagulls president Trevor Monti said in a video commemorating the history of the Williamstown Football Club: "It is a fact that Ned Kelly did play 11 games for Williamstown in 1873.'' Monti said Kelly, who was named in the Record as Edward (Ned) Kelly, lived in Williamstown from June 1873 to January 1874. He was serving a prison sentence on the hulk Sacramento, at Point Gellibrand. Monti said club records indicated that Kelly was a ''very tough centre half-back'' with ''unconventional tactics''. It is believed Kelly was on track to win the club best and fairest in 1873 but was suspended for six weeks in his final game for headbutting the emergency umpire. In 1928, the club uncovered more evidence of Kelly's time at Williamstown when, while resurfacing the ground, it discovered a prototype of the armour that the bushranger eventually used for the events in Glenrowan. The club has a picture of Kelly's armour in its rooms. ''He is a legend of the Williamstown Football Club, and we're proud to have had Ned Kelly play for this football club," Monti said.

    This is utter nonsense. Ian MacFarlane, author of 'The Kelly Gang Unmasked' has documents that show Ned was working as a labourer at a prominent Williamstown landmark and housed in onshore convict barracks, and not the hulk Sacrimento.

    There were absolutely no opportunities whatever for Ned to have taken part in any outside activities, least of all football.

    Mr Monti, the Herald-Sun and Sydney Morning Herald, and other media sources, can contact Mr MacFarlane for his documentary evidence. He isn't that hard to find.

    1. Horri what was the date on that SMH article? April 1st?

    2. No unfortunately, Dee! It should have been!

      However, if the photo of Ned's prototype armour exists as mr Monti suggests ["In 1928, the club uncovered more evidence of Kelly's time at Williamstown when, while resurfacing the ground, it discovered a prototype of the armour that the bushranger eventually used for the events in Glenrowan. The club has a picture of Kelly's armour in its rooms.]

      All those interested in Ned deserve to see it.

      Remember at that stage Stringybark Creek had not occurred and Ned can hardly have been been envisioning a future Glenrowan shootout... But maybe he was.

      I should have mentioned in my last post that convicts worked a six day week. No Saturday arvo footie for them. No footie on the Sabbath either.

      The Williamstown footballer Ned myth needs to be firmly dispelled now too. Mr Monti and the Seagulls need to begin this urgent process at once.

      There is not a single shard of evidence that Ned ever played football, or hid an armour prototype underground, not even for Williamstown.

    3. A stoney silence from the Seagulls and their former chief. Not unexpected. But their false Ned Kelly story needs to be fixed pronto. Herald-Sun and Sydney Morning Herald are looking like SH^T right now.

      While looking for Seagulls clubroom photos without luck, I came across Ian Jones's creepy defence of the Ned photo he misidentified for Christies in 2002. He dragged in Keith McMenomy too. They both ended up looking like idiots:

      All absolutely woeful.

    4. I feel a tiny bit sorry for Jonesy and Keith who were dealing with Michael L of Christies who was among the slickest people I've dealt with.

      Just a few words of caution would have saved them all.

    5. Let me set the record straight on Jones/McMenomy input on the Gentleman Ned pic that turned out probably not to be Ned. Keith McMenomy first published this pic in his first edition in 1984. BEFORE Ian was on the record. Granted, it was a lesser quality pic but the features were still clearly discernible. And Roy, I don't get why you think Ians defense was "creepy"? Please expand?

      And you know what else? And this will upset most of you and make you scratch your heads. But I have not discounted the Bray studio pic disproved as Ned to be correct. I have a strong feeling it may well be our Ned standing there.

    6. Mark, you are well-known for your (sometimes outspoken) advocacy of Ian Jones. I'm glad he has some left. In my view most of the biggest mistakes in the modern retelling of the Ned Legend are attributable to him. By that I mean the Ned Republic and the leather straps hoopla, among many others.

      I especially disliked Ian's caning of Alex Castle's 'Ned Kelly's Last Days' after Alex had passed on and was no longer able to defend himself. Nasty stuff.

      I found Ian's convoluted explanation for his misidentifying the 'Gentleman Ned' photo creepy - and the fact he dragged in Keith McMenony to share the blame - was reprehensible.

      Ian also brought us to where we are today.

    7. Mark, since you are the only person in the universe who thinks the Gentleman Ned photo is OK after all. Please expand?

    8. We would not be where we are today Roy if not for Ian Jones research on the Kelly Outbreak. Before the days of the Internet and Keyboard warriors too. Were you not reading what I said? Ian did not "drag Keith"into it. McMenomy himself published the pic in his first edition in 1984. Perhaps a little respect toward Ian may be in order? He has not got much wrong over the years. And yes, he is only human. We all owe him a great deal. And again, you haven't explained why you found the explanation "creepy". Look forward to your feedback on this. And of course I am outspoken about Ian Jones. Every few years, waves of revisionists come along and think they know every goddamn thing. Hot tip: They don't. And Roy? I am more than happy to purchase your book when I see it on the shelves. Happy to add it to my extremely large collection of Kellyana. Perhaps you can be part of the new wave of Kelly authors? Love Mark. Adelaide. xx

    9. Also, I must say that I have always thought Alex and Jennifer Castles book, :Ned Kellys Last Days" to be excellent. This is a point I did not agree with Ian Jones on. Such a shame he died before he could work on his sources. But it was a fascinating read.

    10. I don't remember the Gentleman Ned photo in first ed of McMenomy. I have 2nd ed. given by Christies in lieu of a fee for my advice. I am not complaining about the photos. I am complaining about the advice Ian provided to Christies, leading to photo being used on the cover of the Christies catalogue, the tenor of its description inside, the relatively high price realised - and the debacle that ensued. My understanding is that Keith's advice was not as enthiastic as Ian's. That's why I find it creepy that Ian dragged Keith into his personal explanation of the disaster.

      So Mark, this had nothing to do with the photo or whether it was previously used by Keith. You have not, in any case, provided us with his caption. This whole episode is about the provision of advice to an auction house and its quality, and whether a third party should have been involved in later explanations.

      Which reminds me of Ian's later advice to Peter FitzSimons that was unwise and not scholarly.

      End of subject for me Mark.

    11. Christies and Mr Jones tried to tough out the mistaken ID at first but Christies soon refunded the dollars. More reading here:

      What were they all thinking?

    12. Mark, I am in touch with author Ian MacFarlane and sent him your 26 October 2017 post to the Mad Trucker's FB Hate Page against Ian's "Unmasking the Kelly Gang" book. He thanked you for this and wonders why his foremost critic has only read a tiny part of his book before dismissing it as "too full of errors and the authors own spin on things that he claims are fact and it is extremely painful reading". The book has more than 600 citations to archival records which can't all be wrong.

      Ian MacFarlane was also a Trucker, a CFA driver who went in Strike Teams to Sydney bushfires four times, once to the Penrith area where Bob McGarrigle apparently then resided (according to one of his posts on the FB Hate Page). Ian has nothing to say about his service there, but told me this shocking episode. Property owners in the Penrith hills had been asked to leave a towel on their gates if they had water. Ian's tanker had to refill and went onto such a property, where a member climbed over a fence to to insert the fill tube.

      Next day they passed that property and saw a large sign - "Crocodile Farm"!

      Mark I can't continue with the Gentleman Ned photo discussion as I was a party to advice to Christies. I hope you will understand.

      Keep posting here - and less to your 'friends' on the book Hate Page.

      A foot in both camps can lead to the SPLITS always a painful process!

    13. Hilarity and name-calling on the FB book Hate page. I relied on a post by Mr McGarrigle there which mentioned purchasing two copies of a Kelly book at Woolworths in Penrith. I assumed he lived somewhere in the vicinity. Seems I was wrong.

      That post has been removed, so I can't quote it here.

    14. Yes, I get all my Kelly literature at Woolworths. Bwa ha ha ha...I guess Oxford University Press need to hold talks with Woolies and Coles and become a supplier...

      I can't make sense of the threads on the other site Roy unfortunately as Bob McGarrigle has blocked me. (And Michelle Lynch too for that matter...) The reason? Because we post on Dees site. Go figure. But I also post on Micks site too. And NKC. And Jacks. Hmm.. Join the dots on that one if you can. I can't. Its only a matter of time before you are blocked. By the way, did you know that Bob is a descendant? No,.. truly. He is.

      Thanks for your feedback on Ian McFarlanes book. Its really a fascinating read. It needed to be out there. Yes, it's hard on me when I acknowledge both sides of the fence. But isn't that the best way to learn about a topic? Look at all points of view? Unfortunately, it upsets a lot of people. But hey...

      Thanks for your last feedback too on Gentleman Ned pic. Funny about the Croc Farm. If my memory serves, it was a guy by the of Cliff Olivie who was involved in the final analysis after the auction. (You may know him...)

      Anyway, have a great day. The Kelly Outbreak continues to fascinate and I can't say I agree with Dee that the story will die. McFarlanes book actually reignited my flame in many ways. Many consider it revisionist history where I just saw it as a different point of view and a different set of eyes. Looking fwd to purchasing Morrisseys next volume later this year.


    15. That was my son Peter who bought those books one for himself and one for me.He also does not live in Penrith either so please stop making false statements and making poor guesses.Please get your facts correct next time.Regards Bob

    16. Welcome back Mark. Most of the people on the other site seem to have a lot of time for you and your insights.

    17. Hi bob. What are u doing here? I thought u swore u would never come back to dees site? Dee should block u as you blocked me. If you were a descendant like me, perhaps you could tough it out cowboy. Wink. Xxxx

    18. Thank you Roy. Appreciated. I have been a ned head for a longgggggg time...

    19. Yes Mark, there will always be people who believe that Kelly a great bloke and a hero who was picked on by the corrupt police, so in that sense the story will never die, just like there will always be people who believe aliens visited earth and had sex with them, just like there will always be people who think the world is flat, just like there will always be people who believe Saddam Hussein was a great bloke....and so on. What I am hoping to kill off, in the minds of sane Australians, is any thought that Kelly was a hero. He wasn't. He was interesting but not a hero. He was a liar and psychopath.

      And BTW being blocked by ignorant buffoons is not something to be concerned about, trust me!

  2. Don't believe Neds version of events re: 1877 Bootmakers shop fracas. Ned lies. Wink.

  3. I do not for one moment think that the photo being displayed at Beechworth is Ned Kelly either.

    1. It is ned. And possibly dan. Quite a spectacular find I have to say.


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